How to Create Basic Model Train Scenery

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Do you want to start doing your own model train scenery but you do not know how? Here are some of the basics.


Plan out your scenery. Draw up scenery ideas on paper using a pencil. Erase anything that does not work out. Make sure you are happy with the plan that you have drawn.
Get your supplies from a hobby store. Good supplies include grass, trees, buildings, people etc. You will also need a shaker to put the grass into the scenery. If you do not know what to products to buy, ask for help
Use glue or scenic cement to glue down your scenery to your layout. Hobby brands such as Woodland Scenics have a great range of scenic cement but if you want a cheaper option, make your own using PVA glue, detergent, a glass jar and an eye dropper. Mix half glue half water and two drops of detergent in the jar then shake the mix.
Put down some glue solution or scenic cement. Put the grass material in a shaker and gently shake on the chosen area.
Open jar get eye dropper and get glue solution or scenic cement and gently drop over area.
Add other scenic elements.
Wait until dry. If scenery did not turn out the way you wanted, put another layer on and repeat until you are happy.
Use natural material as well if wished. Such things as soil, sticks, little rocks etc., depending on your scale of choice and if you think it will work.


Research on the web for ideas.
Buy books at hobby stores and train exhibits about model trains.
Ask a staff member at the hobby store if you do not know what you are doing.
Join a model train club for two reasons:
to get free advice, and
if you need help they will help you.


Be careful not to spill any glue on the track, it is hard to scrape off.
Take care when using hobby knives.

Things You Will Need

an old set of clothes optional
hobby scenery
paint brushes
hobby knife

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