How to Make a Model Railroad and Scenery

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Model railroad creation is an enjoyable hobby. This article provides some pointers to get you started.


Make a small table. A table size 4 by 6 will do. It will house the trains.
Go to a hobby shop find a set. There are different scales, such as the ho scale 1.87. See what size you like the best.
Lay the track on the table carefully. Create twists, curves, tunnels, figure 8s etc. as wished and depending on how much track that you have.
Make hills and ground out of styrofoam and other spare bits and pieces around the house. You may consider borrowing a library book on model railroad scenery to help inspire ideas.
Make the ground colourful.
Play and enjoy model trains.


If you can not do this at home for lack of space or other reasons, join a club.


Keep off the floor; model railroads are fragile and can break easily if trodden on.
NEVER slide a car with a engine to make a train.You should always slide a car without a engine ,or put the train coneccetd befor you put it on the track.

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